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Afghan Rug Repair

Professional hand repair service of all Afghan carpets and rugs
Afghan carpets and rugs are widely considered both of incredibly high quality and extremely hard wearing. Often characterised by deep dark reds and blues from the root vegetable dyes used in the weaving process, Afghan rugs have been woven for thousands of years using the same methods our repairers use today to repair and restore.

Whether its moth damage or rips and tears, our skilled repair team can repair almost any level of damage. Fraying fringes, unravelling sides, threadbare areas or colour bleed – we can invisibly repair and restore Afghan rugs and carpets both to prevent further deterioration and to return the piece to as close to it’s original condition as possible.

No repair is too large or too small, we pride ourselves on repairing only by hand – using strictly traditional methods to produce outstanding results for our clients.

Some examples of Afghan rugs we repair are:

  • Khal Mohammedi
  • Hatchli
  • Bokkara
  • Ersari
  • Tekke
  • Yomut
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