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Curtain Cleaning
In both a domestic and commercial environment.

Our curtain cleaning process:

1. Pre-inspection

We test all curtains for fastness and dye bleed to help choose the correct cleaning method.

2. Curtain dusting

To ensure all dust and dirt is removed prior to any wash treatments.

3. Pre-spotting

We use specialist spot removal techniques to ensure the very best results.

4. Full immersion wash

Combined with water and wash detergents ensuring your curtains are protected.

5. Drying

We ensure our driers carefully dry your curtains using our commercial drying system.

6. Delivery

Your product is delivered back to you, we can re-hang your newly cleaned curtains for you.

Choosing curtain cleaners you can trust needn’t be a chore, with Tapis-service you’ll find our range of curtain cleaning services fully caters for your every need in both a domestic and commercial environment.

Our specialists have the benefit of over 85 years of experience as curtain cleaners, and utilise the most advanced devices on site and in our purpose fitted factory. Our full range of curtain cleaning services includes:

  • Curtain cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning
  • Curtain take down and re-hanging
  • Curtain alterations


With a prestigious portfolio of clients which includes royalty, museums and heritage sites you have our full assurance that the work we undertake is conducted to the highest standards which you expect. For an individual cleaning service from a professional team then contact us today – our operations extend across Luxembourg

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