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Full carpet and rug restoration

Fraying ends, rips, tears and holes – we can restore it
We are noted for the ability to fully restore all Oriental and Persian carpets, rugs and runners.

Regardless of the condition, we can restore rugs with almost any level of damage or wear, retuning it to its original, undamaged condition -repaired meticulously and invisibly to the eye. Whether it has threadbare areas, ripped sides, fringes fraying or worn areas that have eaten into the body of the rug – we can restore it.

Our repair team consists of the most experienced weavers in the industry. Whether its a piece with generations of sentimental value, a newly acquired antique piece requiring some attention or simply a carpet or rug which hasn’t been repaired in some time – we cater for every aspect of the repair and restoration – valuable or not.

We offer a free quotation service and can attend at home appointments to give advice.

Our carpet has been passed through three generations of my family and has created my reluctance to have anyone but the best care for it. Tapis-service collected and delivered our carpet to the highest standard.

Tapis-service has been the only company I would use for my carpets and rugs. I have used them for decades and only recommend them.

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