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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Specialist hand cleaning of all Oriental carpets, rugs and runners
We are an established family business specialising in traditional hand cleaning of Persian, Afghan, Kilim and Oriental carpets, rugs and runners. Whether you have a beautiful Persian carpet, or a deep piled tribal rug with luxurious wools – we hand wash all Oriental carpets and rugs in the traditional methods.

Our specialist hand washing service brings back the colours and natural vegetable dyes allowing the rugs and carpets to feel soft, luxurious and look striking once again. Cleaning Oriental carpets and rugs by hand, we carefully wash the wools or silks using organic and vegetable shampoo which preserves the natural oils and colours and brings back the shine in the pile.

We have extensive experience in hand washing small rugs, together with very large Oriental carpets. Each and every piece we wash is treated individually and appraised for its fragility and condition prior to washing. We always test for colour run and colour fastness ahead of our cleaning.

We offer a traditional cleaning service and take care to protect each carpet or rug from colour run and colour bleed.

Some examples of the types of rugs we clean are;

  • Persian
  • Afghan
  • Silk
  • Turkish
  • Kilim
  • Chinese
  • Antique
  • Modern/Contemporary
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