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Persian rug Repair

All Persian rugs, carpets and runners carefully repaired by hand
Persian carpets and rugs are considered to be the finest in the world – hand knotted by the most skilled weavers, using techniques handed down through generations.

Silk or wool, City or village weave – our skilled repair team can repair almost any level of damage. Whether it’s fraying fringes, unravelling sides, threadbare areas or rips/tears – we can invisibly repair and restore Persian rugs and carpets both to prevent further deterioration and to return the piece to as close to it’s original condition as possible.

No repair is too large or too small, we pride ourselves on repairing only by hand – using strictly traditional methods to produce outstanding results for our clients.

Some examples of Persian rugs we repair:

  • Kashan
  • Tabriz
  • Isfahan
  • Qum
  • Nain
  • Kerman
  • Heriz
  • Serapi
  • Qashgai
  • Mashad
  • Afshar
  • Senneh
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