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Rug Cleaning Service

Specialists in traditional hand cleaning of all Oriental, Persian and Modern rugs, carpets, runners and tapestries

Rug Cleaning and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Whether your personalized rug is a heritage family treasure, a precious oriental rug or contemporary style rug, the professionals at Tapis-service will treat your rug with the delicate care you would expect from a professional team.

Carpets, rugs and hall runners are often placed in high traffic areas to brighten and protect spaces and give a sense of home luxury.  However, this means that they attract the most soil, grease, pet fibres, pollens, dust, odours and germs which are trampled down into the carpet fibres, making them difficult to clean.  If you notice the fringe detail on your rug has become dull or soiled, it requires restoration.

Fine oriental and specialty rugs require special care.  Our extensive rug cleaning and drying process stabilizes the dyes within the fibres of your rug, leaving the colours looking lively and new.

Whether you have a Persian rug, Oriental rug,  Egyptian rug, Turkish rug or an antique rug, you can trust our expert technicians to thoroughly but gently clean your rug.  Part of our process is to provide extensive dusting and vacuuming, followed by delicate cleaning and then controlled drying.  Repeat cleaning for more delicate and expensive rugs may be required.

We can also provide specialised stain and odour treatments, giving special attention to water and smoke damaged rugs.  Our fully trained technicians can advise on the most effective and safe cleaning method to clean and treat the stains and pet odours from your individual rug.  With a 100 years experience in cleaning carpets and rugs, Tapis-service is not only the preferred supplier for insurance company claims, but the logical choice to have your rug cleaned.


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For the past several years, I’ve been taking our rugs to Tapis service for cleaning. Really, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They’re honest, reliable, reasonable and provide great service.

Tapis-service has been the only company I would use for my carpets and rugs. I have used them for decades and only recommend them.

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