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Rug Repair and Restoration
An established family business – specialists in rug repair and restoration

We are Europe’s leading Oriental and Persian carpet and rug repair and restoration specialists. Using only traditional methods, we restore rugs and carpets by hand, using the finest wools, silks and cottons sourced from around the world.

Our repair team consists of traditional craftsmen, trained to a high standard and with vast experience in restoration of carpets, rugs and runners from across the world.

Repair Inspection – Rugs that come to us for repair are thoroughly inspected to identify the damage, the cause of that damage, and the various options available to correct or minimize that damage. Our goal is not only to make the rug “look” better cosmetically, but also to make certain that the structure of the repaired area is strong enough to allow you to use and enjoy your rug without worrying about further damage.

Rugs are woven to last decades at the least, and centuries at the most, and rugs of all ages travel through our doors. Our specialty is antique and semi-antique rug care, and our knowledge regarding these textiles allows us to give you the information necessary in making the right rug care decisions. If a rug gets to the point that it is “past its prime,” we will let you know what type of floor, type of underlay, and level of traffic would be best to help the piece last longer.

Repairing worn & fraying fringes
Frayed fringes and uneven ends can be easily repaired and restored. Find out more
Repair sides
Damaged sides and unravelled wool can be repaired. Find out more
Threadbare repair
Specialists in re-building and re-weaving worn and damaged areas. Find out more
Rug moth damage
Moth damage repair by re-weaving the damaged areas. Find out more
Colour run & water damage
Colour run and dye bleed can be removed and restored. Find out more
Full rug restoration
Specialists in full restoration of all rugs and carpets. Find out more
Find out more
Find out more
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Find out more

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