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Threadbare repair

Applying new wools and weaving new knots into threadbare rugs
Re-weaving and re-building threadbare areas of all Oriental and Persian carpets, rugs and runners is our speciality. We use highly skilled repairers and restorers to carefully re-weave threadbare areas or extensively worn sections. Following the exact design of the original piece, we will apply new wools, weaving the knots into the foundations of the rug to build the pile again and strengthen the damaged part.

Holes and tears can easily we re-constructed and invisibly repaired – with no repair or restoration being too large or too small. A hole may require the foundations to be established again before applying the new knots to the pile. We will construct a warp and weft foundation (usually with cotton, wool or silk), applying the tensions required to then re-apply the pile and re-build the design.

We are Luxembourg’s leading Oriental and Persian rug repair and restoration company – and threadbare carpets is something we repair everyday.

Our carpet has been passed through three generations of my family and has created my reluctance to have anyone but the best care for it. Tapis-service collected and delivered our carpet to the highest standard.

Tapis-service has been the only company I would use for my carpets and rugs. I have used them for decades and only recommend them.

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